It Takes a Village

WHY DO WE VOLUNTEER? By Brad Krivohlavek NCT Board President What makes Norfolk Community Theatre great? It's all of the volunteers that spend the time and energy to bring you wonderful productions. If you read Artistic Director Adam Peterson's description of the work involved in bringing Sweeney Todd to the stage you have an idea of how much goes in to each NCT production. Why do so many volunteers do this show after show, and year after year? They all have a passion for the arts and they want to make our community better. We are all busy and it seems we have less and less time. Our volunteers have decided that theatre is important enough to TAKE the time to create live theatre for you t


On its surface, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is the story of a man who kills unsuspecting victims and gives them to his landlord to be baked into meat pies. But that’s just a façade. It’s really a story about love. It’s the story of a man who is so grieved by the loss of his beloved, that he has become obsessed with vengeance. It robs him of a moral compass and he simply does what he feels he must to survive. It’s the story of a woman who finds financial gain when all she really wants is to be loved. It’s the story of a sailor so stricken with love that he goes to great lengths to free his bride to be. Those are the stories that we want to tell. But how do we tell the

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