Fun, magic, possibility, OH MY!

I was looking for a show with some verve, when I stumbled upon a familiar name: Peter and the Starcatcher. Ostensibly, it’s the story of how an orphan boy came to be Peter Pan. But it’s more than that. An adventure, a swashbuckler, a flight of fancy. An exploration of archetype, of the boy who never wants to grow up. I fell in love with it. Couldn’t get it out of my head. Although I think Peter and the Starcatcher—a play with music, a piece of story-telling theater— is a challenging show for a creative team, I also think it’s alive with fun and magic and possibility. I hope everyone else falls in love with it too!


When I first sat down to write this post I was planning on writing about the experience of opening weekend. As an actor I feel like there is no night that compares to opening night. The cast have been rehearsing for around 6 weeks at the point that opening night occurs. We always feel ready for an audience: the jokes aren't funny anymore, we have spent hours washing hairspray out of our hair, and we are bringing on endless amounts of candy to survive. Then we open. The audience arrives, and we are a ball of nerves and excitement and eager to know if they will like something we have devoted the last couple of months of our lives to. Then they laugh the first time. I am a firm believe

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