It takes a community to raise a theatre

Find an outlet for your inner Artist

Designers wanted.

Are you a painter? Interested in clothing design? Aspiring architect? Like to make music?


Whatever your medium, you can find a home at NCT. Unlike other many other artistic outlets, you'll find yourself collaborating with artists on the other end of the spectrum. 


Theatre is about working together to tell a story and we need talented individuals to help us develop the vision for each show.  Design for a given production starts 12 weeks prior to its performance, so if there is a specific show that you want to get involved with, let us know!


If you've never done theatre before, we'll guide you along the way.  Not only will you be taking part in bringing joy to the people of Norfolk, but you'll get some free training in a new craft while you're at it. 

Get Involved behind the scenes

Be on the Tech Crew

A show doesn't run itself.  Behind the scenes is a dedicated tech crew making it all happen. If being on stage isn't your thing but you still want to get involved, let us know.  Absolutely no experience is necessary!


Opportunities range from building sets to running the lights to doing the makeup. We all know the techies are really the brains behind it all!


Contact us to find out how you can get involved or email with any questions.