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Crafting The “Calm” Before the Storm

When it was originally broadcast, The War of the Worlds caused a type of simultaneous mass hysteria not seen before the advent of radio broadcasts. It taught us that while mass media can be a force for good, it can also be a source of misinformation. It is a lesson that is as important to […]

Favorite Musicals

Hi, my name is Linda Boullion and I’m the Music Director for Little Shop of Horrors. It has been my privilege to be a part of the joint endeavors of the Norfolk Community Theatre and the Northeast’s Theatre and Music Departments for the past six years of musicals. I don’t think I can tell you […]

1920 Artistic Director’s Note

What is out there? Norfolk Community Theatre is exploring this question in our upcoming season by presenting three masterworks of science fiction: Little Shop of Horrors, A Wrinkle in Time, and War of the Worlds. Each production gives us characters who must undertake a journey of discovery in order to persevere. Little Shop of Horrors […]


Nebraska Actors Needed!

Actors needed for Nebraska Short Film Project Description: Casting for a Columbia University short film “Coyotes.” Plot: As her health deteriorates, Frida teaches her granddaughter, Roan, how to survive in a world without water. Film will be shot in Boone County June 6-June 9. Roles: Frida—Female, 40-60. A tough-skinned, no-nonsense rebel run ragged from years […]

Why I chose Tribes

When I was in pre-K there was a little boy who was hard of hearing. I saw how the teachers would sign with him and how some of the other children shied away from playing with him. I was fascinated by the way he was able to communicate and thus my desire to learn sign […]

Fun, magic, possibility, OH MY!

I was looking for a show with some verve, when I stumbled upon a familiar name: Peter and the Starcatcher. Ostensibly, it’s the story of how an orphan boy came to be Peter Pan. But it’s more than that. An adventure, a swashbuckler, a flight of fancy. An exploration of archetype, of the boy who […]


When I first sat down to write this post I was planning on writing about the experience of opening weekend. As an actor I feel like there is no night that compares to opening night. The cast have been rehearsing for around 6 weeks at the point that opening night occurs. We always feel ready […]

First Time Director

As a first time director, the opportunity to direct a show like Steel Magnolias is nothing short of fortuitous. I remember being exposed to this story through my mother at a young age and falling in love with the story and the rich characters. This is a chance to work with excellent women, and men, […]

There’s one in every family

There’s one in every family. Maybe it’s your sister who quit medical school to clown college. Or your aunt who eloped and move to France. Maybe it’s your cousin who’s currently serving three to five years in minimum security. It might even be you. As the author Heinrich Böll put it, “A family without a […]

Bringing Sweeney Todd to the Stage

On its surface, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is the story of a man who kills unsuspecting victims and gives them to his landlord to be baked into meat pies. But that’s just a façade. It’s really a story about love. It’s the story of a man who is so grieved by […]